Kashion Spencer
Content 2011 at the Ace
October, 2011
Near Dodge Park
Summer, Portland 
Hangin’ at Red Fox Vintage in the comfiest sweater ever!

carlie armstrong @ red fox vintage 1 year anniversary. portland, oregon.october 2011.
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Jacob Ripper
Content, 2011 at the Ace 
Trio of horses at sunset
Outside of Shaniko, OR
Ashley playing guitar, which was literally the only sound for miles and miles. We were on the edge of civilization!
Outside of Maupin, OR
Lauryn Rachel Moore
Outside of Maupin, OR
September, 2011
Coffee break
Portland, August 2011
Farewell, my heart.
August, 2011
San Diego to Portland, conversation with the moon
Summer, 2011
Modeled for Anja’s new fall line! Snacks, sequin shadows, and Austra. Ghostly fun! 

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Old books in Hillcrest
August, 2011
Hillcrest, San Diego
August 2011
My lovely sister, San Diego
August 2011
officially autumn, and here will be a lot more of these kinds of days.
Portland, Ore
September 2011
Opaque  by  andbamnan